Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Install a backyard patio

If the level of your home is even with the backyard, consider installing a concrete patio. TaylorMade Concrete LLC will create a backyard patio you’ll love spending time on in the Metairie, LA and New Orleans area.

We’ll come out to your property and make sure everything is level after the concrete gets poured. The right mix of concrete will ensure that your backyard patio will last for many years to come. Stamped concrete options give your area more character and beauty.

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5 worthwhile reasons to choose concrete for your patio

There are numerous benefits to installing a concrete backyard patio at your home. A concrete patio can be:

  1. Versatile in shape
  2. Durable in construction
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Environmentally friendly
  5. More affordable than patios built with pavers and stone
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